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Guardian: How to Create an Account and Claim a Student
Guardian: How to Create an Account and Claim a Student
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  • In this article, we will show you how to create an account and claim a student with a code.

1. Accessing Invitation and Claim Code

To create a guardian account (or to claim additional students), you must have a claim code. If your student's school has enabled guardian accounts, your student will need to provide you with their unique claim code for you to create and link your account.

To learn how students can create the invitation and claim code, go to How to Invite your Guardian as a Student

2. Claiming a Student

Visit as mentioned in the claim instructions. Enter your students unique claim code and select your relationship to your student.

3. Claiming Additional Students (Optional)

You can add additional students from this page with their unique claim codes.

4. Creating a account

You can create an account via Google, LinkedIn, or with your e-mail. After you have selected your desired account creation method you will need to put in your information and create your account log in information.

5. Claiming Additional Students- To an Existing Account (Optional)

Once you have an account, you can log in anytime via this link

If you need to claim additional student after your account creation you will:

  1. Click on Account Settings in the upper right hand corner.

  2. Click on My Students

  3. Add an additional student via their unique claim code.

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