• In this article, we will show you how to create an account and claim a student with a code.

Note: A step-by-step guide can also be found here: Onboarding for Guardians

1. Accessing Invitation and Claim Code

To create a guardian account (or to login to an existing account), you must have a claim code. If your student's school has enabled guardian accounts, your student will need to provide you with their unique claim code for you to create and link your account.

To learn how students can create the invitation and claim code, go to How to Invite your Guardian as a Student

2. Creating Account or Logging into Existing Account

Visit https://app.schoolinks.com/claim-student as mentioned in the claim instructions. You have two options for login:

  1. This is your first time on SchooLinks: Click Create a Guardian Account. From here, you can use Google or LinkedIn Single Sign-on, or create an account using a phone or email and password.

  2. You've already created an account and need to log in: Click Log in to your Guardian Account. From the Guardian, Alumni and Professional Users tab, you can use the Single-Sign-on you chose during sign up or by using the email/password you signed up with.


3. Claiming a Student

Once you're logged in, enter your student's claim code exactly as it was given. Click Verify Claim Code.

You will see the name of the student you're claiming. Select your relationship to the student and click Save Relationship.

You will see confirmation that you've claimed your student.

You may either click Claim Another Student to repeat the claim process or Continue to Dashboard if you are done claiming students for now.


4. (Optional) Claiming Additional Students

As mentioned above, you may click Claim Another Student during your first claim visit to repeat the claim process for all of your students at once, but you can also return to claim additional students at another time. If you need to claim another student at a later date, you can start the process from the beginning again at: https://app.schoolinks.com/claim-student. This time you will choose Login to your Guardian Account and you will then have the option to enter additional student claim codes.

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