Guardian: How to Create an Account

This article provides an overview of the two ways Guardians can create a SchooLinks account.

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There are two ways districts can provide guardians with SchooLinks access. Reach out to your student's counselor or district admin to find out which of the following methods should be followed:

Synced Guardian Emails

If your district synced your guardian email with SchooLinks, you can access your guardian account by going to or clicking the button below:

  • If you have a Google email on file with the district, simply click Log in with Google on the right-hand side of the login page, then select your connected gmail account.

  • If you do not have a Google email on file with the district, click Forgot password below the blue log in button. Enter in the email on file with the district and click Reset password.

  • An email will be sent for you to create your SchooLinks password.

Student Claim Codes

To create a Guardian account using a Claim Code, you will need either:

  • Your student's 6-digit alphanumeric claim code (often shared by counselor)

  • Your student's unique claim code link containing a 6-digit alphanumeric code at the end. (Learn how your student can access this link here)


Claim Code

To create an account using a Claim Code:

  1. Go to or click the button below:

  2. Enter the claim code, select your relationship to the student, and click Add.

  3. To claim more than one student, click on + add additional student.

  4. Once all students have been added, choose your account sign up method:

Unique Claim Code Link

To create your account using the unique claim code link:

  1. Click on the unique link provided. The claim code will be auto-populated in the claim code field.

  2. Select your relationship to the student and click Add.

  3. Once all students have been added, choose your account sign up method:

Watch this Guardian Overview Video to learn more about what a Guardian can do with their SchooLinks account!

πŸ”” If you are unable to create an account or claim your student(s), please reach out to your student's counselor or use the green chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page to be connected with SchooLinks support.

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