Onboarding is a general term we use to describe getting users to sign on for the first time. It is a one-time welcome experience that sets students up to use all SchooLinks features. Without onboarding, students won't have full access SchooLinks, so it's an important (and fun!) activity to complete.

On SchooLinks, we've created a guided experience for your students to go through onboarding so that they are clear on the first set of activities they need to do.

Note: while it is required for a student to choose a career cluster, career, and major during onboarding, it can be changed at a later time from their profile!

Also Note: if you feel like your opinions have changed, you can retake the Find Your Path assessment at any time for updated recommendations on what career/major may interest you.

What is Included in the Student Onboarding Experience?

During Onboarding, students will see:

1. The welcome screen

2. Find Your Path (Career Interest Assessments)

3. Descriptive words and celebrity matches based off of the results of Find Your Path

4. Career Cluster suggestions based off of results of Find Your Path

5. Career suggestions based off of Career Cluster selection

6. Major suggestions based off of Career selection

7. Results!

We use the results of the Find Your Path assessment to provide other areas of the platform for students to explore. There is more to do in SchooLinks, but this first step gives students a taste of what SchooLinks has to offer!

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