What are the 6 Focus mindsets

  • In this article, we will explain the meaning of each of the six mindsets students can be matched with in the focus survey.

What is a mindset?

When students take the Focus survey, they are matched with a mindset. These mindsets are the intent students have when pursuing a path for secondary education. The Focus survey is used to help students think and define the reasons behind their post secondary goals.

Below are the 6 mindsets students can get matched with:


For you, you want a post secondary education that leads to a career and help you land a good job, but also helps meet new people, socialize, and build friendships that will last your a life time

From studying abroad and finding internships to ultimately landing that first job, post secondary education for you means branching out and experiencing everything your school has to offer

For you, post secondary education is just a stepping stone. It's all about developing a strong set technical and academic abilities that will help you get into the graduate or professional school of your dreams.

For you, post secondary education is about finding your way to a smart and stable career through a mix of academics, internships and on-campus professional development clubs and organizations.

For you, post secondary education is ultimately about finding an option that doesn't break the bank, but also provides a solid education, network, and career for when you graduate.

For you, post secondary education is a way for you to explore yourself and the place around you, in the hopes that you'll find your calling and share your passions with the world.

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