Indicating Application Results

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  • In this article, we will show students how to indicate their application results.

What is indicating application results?

After a student has tracked their application, and all student requirements and HS requirements are fulfilled, the student will be able to indicate their application result. Applications can either be indicated as Accepted, Waitlisted, or Rejected.

1. Accessing Application Results

From the dashboard, hover over the school icon and scroll down to Application Manager.

Click Application Manager.

2. Indicate Application Results

From Application Manager, click on the application you wish to indicate your results.

Click on Student Reqs tab. All requirements should be complete.

To learn more about requirements, go to Setting Up an Application & Its Requirements.

Then click your HS Reqs. All requirements should be complete.

If HS requirements are not complete, message your counselor.

To learn more about messaging your counselor, go to Using the Message Center as a Student.

Once you have made sure all requirements are met, click App Result. You will see 3 buttons - Accepted, Waitlisted, and Denied.

If you have been Accepted to that college, click Accepted.

Then fill out the 2 questions about your acceptance and click Update.

If you have been waitlisted, click Waitlisted.

Then fill out the question about your waitlisting, and click Update.

If you have been denied, click Denied.

Once you have updated your application with the appropriate result, you will see either Accepted, Waitlisted, or Denied underneath the name of the college you applied to.

When you're ready to make an enrollment decision, you can indicate that on SchooLinks. To learn more, go to Enrollment Decision.

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