Overview of Graduation Plans for district admins

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  • In this article, we will explain to district admins the different parts of graduation plans. 

What are graduation plans?

Graduation plans are the requirements that students must meet in order to graduate from high school. These requirements are built using the courses from your course master and any selectable programs your district has.

Accessing Graduation Plans

From the dashboard, hover over the key icon and click Course Catalog

Then click the Grad Plans tab.

Creating a Graduation Plan

Creating a plan is how you add all the credit and course requirements that students must meet to graduation.

What is a primary graduation plan?

A primary graduation plan is the requirements that students have to meet in order to graduate high school. For example, students need to take 26 credits, 4 of which need to be math credits, 4 English, 4 science, etc.

There can be multiple primary graduation plans, and counselors will be able to assign those plans to students in the student info tab.

What is a supplemental plan?

A supplemental graduation plan is a set of requirements that students can check based on the courses that they've chosen. An example of a supplemental plan would be NCAA Eligibility. Students would use these supplemental plans after they've chosen their courses to make sure they're eligible to play NCAA sports.

If you think a graduation plan needs to be added or modified, contact SchooLinks first so we can walk you though how to do so.

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