Uploading Counselor Letters of Recommendations

Updated 2 months ago by Sarah Welbes

  • In this article, we will show counselors how to upload letters of recommendation from Doc Flow.

What is Uploading Letters of Recommendations from Doc Flow?

In the Doc Flow section of Application Manager, you are able to upload counselor letters of recommendation.

1. Accessing Application Manager

To access Application Manager, hover over the Schools Icon.

Then click Application Manager.

To upload counselor letters of recommendation, go to the Doc Flow section.

Click Doc Flow.

2. Upload Counselor Letter of Recommendation

Now you will see a list of all your students' tracked applications.

The Blocked section has a list of all applications where one or more HS Reqs have yet to be fulfilled.

Click the application you want to upload your letter of recommendation to.

You'll see the letter of recommendation that you haven't uploaded have a red circle next to them.

Click the upload button to upload your letter of recommendation.

Click Choose, and then select the document you want to upload. 

Then you'll see the Counselor Recommendation has been uploaded and is waiting to be sent.

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