Setting Up Your School Documents

  • In this article, we will show counselors and registrars how to setup their school documents for Application & Transcript Manager
  • NOTE: Transcripts and school profiles must be uploaded for each school in your district before students will have access to Application & Transcript Manager

What is setting up your school documents?

In order to send documents using Application & Transcript Manager, you need to upload a school profile and sample transcripts for every school in your district that is using Application & Transcript Manager. 

The sample transcripts and school profile must be uploaded and approved before you can batch upload all transcripts for a school. To learn about batch uploading transcripts, go to Batch Uploading Transcripts.

The sample transcripts must be official transcripts as generated by your student information system (SIS). You will upload one document with 3 transcripts for students at each specific school in your district. 

A school profile is a one page document that showcases the unique offerings of each specific school in your district for college admissions officers. 


1. Accessing Transcript and School Profile

Hover over the Key icon.

Then click Transcripts and School Profile.


2. Select School

Click to see a drop-down menu listing the schools in your district.

Select the school you want to upload transcripts and a school profile for. 

3. Upload Sample Transcripts

Click the green Upload Transcript Doc button. 

Select the PDF you want to upload. 

4. Upload School Profile

Then you'll see the sample transcript PDF uploaded.

Now you need to upload the single page school profile. Click the green Upload School Profile button. 

Select the PDF you want to upload. 

 5. Setup Return Mailing Address

Then you'll see the school profile PDF uploaded.

Now you need to set up the return mail address, in case application materials need to be mailed back to you.

Click the blue Update Return Address button.  

Enter your school's mailing address.

Then click Update Address.

6. Submit

Now you're ready to submit your setup documents for approval.

Click the green Submit Transcripts button.

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