Assigning Students to a Caseload

  • In this article, we will show district administrators how to assign students to a caseload. 

What is assigning students to a caseload? 

A caseload is a specific group of students who are assigned to a specific staff member who has a SchooLinks account. An example might be a caseload for students in your advisory period or a career class. 

This is different from creating tags for a student, which easily help you find specific students within your caseload. To learn more about tags, go to Creating Tags

If you have district administrator access, you can assign students to a specific staff member's caseload. You can create new caseloads for staff members, or assign students to an existing caseload. 

If you don't know if you have access, ask an official at your district.


1. Selecting Students

First you must select the students you want to create a tag for. 

To select students, click the checkbox next to the student's name on your dashboard. 

2. Assign to a Caseload

Once you've selected the students you'd like to tag, hover over the people icon.

Then click, Assign to a Caseload. 

By default, all staff members names will show up.

Type in the name of the staff member whose caseload you'd like to add the students to.

Then select their name. 

You can either add the students to an existing caseload, or create and name a new caseload for that staff member. 

Counselors can have multiple caseloads, 

Select the caseload to assign the students to.

Then click Assign Students. 

Now in the Caseload Assignment column, you'll see the number change for the students you assigned to a new caseload. 

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