How to use College Showdown as a student

  • In this article, we will show students how to use College Showdown to compare schools

What is College Showdown?

College showdown is a tool that students can use to compare colleges. It makes the colleges anonymous so students can compare the schools based off of important factors like student to teacher ratios and undergraduate tuition without being influenced by a school's brand. 


1. Accessing College Showdown

To access College Showdown, hover over the Schools icon on the navigation side bar on the left, then select College Showdown from the dropdown menu.

2. Select Schools to Compare

College Showdown will automatically give two schools to compare, but students can change the two schools if they'd like.

Either type in the name of a college or click Choose From Favorites to filter through favorited schools

Then click Start Showdown. 

3. Using College Showdown

If students are not sure about a factor or don't care about it, click X. 

If the factor is kind of important to the student, click on the fist under the card they wish to choose.

If the factor is very important to the student, click on the boxing glove under the card they wish to choose.

After they have gone through all the cards, students will see a recap for that round.

Click Reveal Colleges to see which school was which.

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