Overview of student profile/resume/portfolio for students

  • In this article, we will explain what a student profile/resume/portfolio is and what information students can fill out in each section.
A profile could also be referred to as a resume or a portfolio by counselors

What is student profile?

Student profile on SchooLinks is like an online resume. Here students can input information about themselves like their strengths, achievements, job experiences, awards, etc.

The more information they give, the more colleges will be able to learn about them and the more personalized their search for colleges will become. Also, when they send requests for letters of recommendation, the people they ask will be able to look at their profile to help them write an awesome letter of rec for the student.

Student Profiles take some time to fill out; SchooLinks recommends not trying to fill out profiles in one sitting.

Parts of student profile

There are 5 sections of student profile:

  1. About Me: Here is where information like student name and school are located. Students can also link their social media and other online accounts to their SchooLinks Profile in this section.
  2. My Story: Here is where information like student goals, strengths, and achievements are located.
  3. Experience: Here is where information like job, internship and volunteer experience, and also information like interests and hobbies are located.
  4. Bragging Rights: Here is where information like awards, achievements, skills, and languages are located.
  5. Academics: Here is where information test scores and education are located.

To learn more about how to build a student profile, go to Building a Student Profile


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