How to create an Activity To-Do as a counselor

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  • In this article we will show counselors and district administrators how to create activity to dos for students and/or guardians.
  • To learn more about what to dos are, go to What are To Dos and Reminders

What is an Activity To Do?

Counselors and district administrators are able to create To-Dos for students and guardians that include different task elements that need to be completed. For example, counselors can attach a video to a to-do that students have to view. Or counselors can create a survey for students and their guardians to fill in.

1. Accessing To Do and Reminder Setup

To access To Do and Reminder Setup, hover over the home icon and click To Do and Reminder Setup.

2. Create an Activity To Do

To create a To Do, click Add To Do Task from the To Do and Reminder Setup page.

There are 4 aspects of creating a to do:

  1. Define the Scope - this is where counselors and district administrators determine which students and/or guardians are going to see this to do
  2. Choose a Topic - this is where counselors and district administrators determine what topic this to do will fall under (College Readiness, Test Scores, Career Readiness, or Academics)
  3. Choose a Task Type - choose Activity To Do
  4. Add Task Details - this is where counselors and district administrators add all details about a to do (i.e. task name, due date, who is responsible for the completion of the to do, etc.)
ALL 4 aspects must be filled in to add Task Activities to the Activity To-Do

Then click Save To Do.

Then click Task Activities.

Add the Activity Task Basic Info, Add Elements to the Task and click Save Info.

Counselors can then preview the Activity To Do by clicking Activity Preview, to see how the Activity To-Do will look to students.

Then click Publish to save the Activity To-Do.

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