Overview of Student Learning Plan for counselors

Updated 2 months ago by Sarah Welbes

  • In this article, we will explain to counselors the different parts of the student learning plan
  • To learn how you can preview a student's learning plan, go here

What is the Learning Plan?

The Learning Plan on SchooLinks is a curriculum that takes students through all the important steps to make them college and career ready. 

Everything is broken down into easily completed tasks that student can do either in the classroom or at home. There are different chapters of the Learning Plan, and students can work on any of the chapters at any time.

Chapters of Learning Plan

There are many different chapters of Learning Plan that students can work through. Each chapter is a different college and career readiness topic students can learn more about by completing the tasks in that chapter.

Learning Plan Tasks

Each chapter of Learning Plan contains tasks that students can complete to learn more about a different part of college and career readiness. Tasks contain elements like videos, surveys or quizzes that students will view or answer to complete.

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