How to build final list (college application list) as a student

In this article, we will show students how to create a final list

What is a final list?

A final list is the list of schools students are planning on applying to. These lists are made up of likely, target and reach schools.

1. Accessing Final List

To access Final List, hover over the Schools icon on the navigation side bar on the left, then select Final List from the dropdown menu.

Notice the 3 symbols next to each section. 

  1. The shield represents a student's Likely Colleges.
  2. The target represents a student's Target Colleges.
  3. The ladder represents a student's Reach Colleges.

2. Creating Final List

If students have already entered their GPA and test score information on their profile, schools from their school lists will automatically be placed in the categories.

Click the name of a school from your School Lists or School Favorites.

Choose if that school is a Likely, Target, or Reach School.

Then click Add to Final List.

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