Overview of Volunteer Hour Tracking as a Student

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  • In this article, we will show students the different parts of SchooLinks' Volunteer Hour Tracking.
  • SchooLinks' Volunteer Hour Tracking allows students to keep track of all volunteer hours they complete.
  • After students submit hours, supervisors will verify hours and then counselors will accept hours on behalf of students.

1. Accessing Volunteer Hour Tracking

To access Volunteer Hour Tracking, hover over the Apple icon on the navigation bar on the left, then select Volunteer Hours from the dropdown menu.

2. The Progress Bar

The first thing a student will see on the Volunteer Hour Tracking page is Your Progress bar.

The progress bar shows a student 3 things:

  1. Hours Remaining - this is how many more volunteer hours a student must complete in order to graduate.
  2. Counselor Accepted Hours - this is how many hours that have been verified by a student's volunteer supervisor and accepted by their counselor.
  3. Student Requested Hours - this is how many hours a student has requested to be verified.

When a student scrolls down on the Volunteer Hour Tracking page, they will see:

  1. Your Activities - this is a list of all volunteer activities a student has logged on SchooLinks.
  2. Record a New Activity Session - this is where a student will go to add new activity sessions.
  3. Activity Session List - this is where a student will see a list of all of their volunteer activities. They appear in reverse chronological order.

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