Sorting School Admin Management

  • In this article, we will show school administrators how to sort School Admin Management. 

What is sorting School Admin Management?

Sometimes you'll want to view SchooLinks staff users in a specific order, like when they last logged in or their position. You can change the order of two of the columns in School Admin Management to see users in the order you want. 


1. Accessing School Admin Management

Hover over the key icon on the left side bar. 

Then select Admin User Management. 

2. Sort Users

You can sort by the Position and Last Login columns. 


To sort, click on the name of the column you want to change the order for. 


Now you'll see the order of staff users has changed based off of the column.

The staff users are now in order based on the most recent user to login. 


3. Change Order

If you want to switch the order, click the arrow next to the column name.


Then you'll see that the order has reversed based off of that column.

The staff users are now in order based on the least recent user to login. 

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