What are the different staff access capabilities?

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  • In this article, we will explain the different staff access capabilities.

Why would an administrator want to change the access capabilities of a staff user?

Administrators are able to adjust the access capabilities of staff users depending on which capabilities are needed in that user's position.

School Specific Access gives the user access to specific schools and grades.

Caseload Only Access gives the user access to a specific group of students who are assigned to them. The school administrator will then have to assign that group of students to them.

To learn more about assigning caseloads, go to Assigning Students to a Caseload.

District Wide Access gives the user access to all schools and students within their district.

When the administrator choses School Specific Access, they can select the schools and/or grades this user will have access to.

If this user should have the ability to message students and their guardians, click the toggle under Student Contact to Enable Contact.

Next, choose which Special Admin Capabilities the user will have.

Student Group Management allows the user to create, edit and delete Caseloads and Official Tags.

Batch Upload Student Transcripts from SIS Allows uploading of school profiles and transcripts for sending to colleges and other destinations.

Course Catalog Edit Ability allows the user to configure the course planning experience by modifying courses, programs and graduation plans.

District Accountability Indicator Configuration Allows user to set Accountability Indicators for students at the district or school level. (Should not be given to users with Caseload Only access)

Course Catalog View Only Access Allows user to view course catalog configurations.

Community Liaison Allows user to invite district alumni as career mentors and access the event scheduler.

Scholarship Management Allows user to create, edit, and delete Scholarships.

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