Overview of Application & Transcript Manager

  • In this section, we will explain to students the different parts of SchooLinks' Application & Transcript Manager

What is Application & Transcript Manager? 

SchooLinks' Application & Transcript Manager allows you to keep track of all your application materials for the colleges you're applying to and have your application materials including transcripts, sent either electronically or mailed. 

It is not an application portal. This means that you will not fill out any college applications on SchooLinks. The Application & Transcript Manager is just an easy way to keep track of all the materials you need to submit to colleges and when you need to submit them by. 

You'll also be able to request letters of recommendation through SchooLinks, and your counselor will send those letters and your transcript directly to colleges from SchooLinks. 

For Common App schools, you'll submit all your materials through Common App, but you can keep track of them on SchooLinks as well. 

You can also submit your transcripts to non-colleges as well, for scholarship applications and other opportunites. To learn about sending official transcripts, go to Sending Transcripts to Non-Colleges



How do I access Application Manager?

To access Application Manager, hover over the School icon.

Then click Application Manager



What is setting up an application? 

Before you can start tracking an application on SchooLinks, you need to setup the application and input the college's requirements. 

Once you've added a college to your Final List, you'll see it on your application list. 

Then you can click Track Application



Then you'll input all the requirements for the school.

Make sure you double check all the requirements for a school on that school's website before you start tracking them. 

To learn more about setting up an application, go to Setting Up an Application & Its Requirements.

If you're setting up an application for a Common App school, go to Tracking Common App Colleges.



What happens after I setup an application? 

After you setup an application for a college, you can start tracking the requirements for applying to that college.

Student Requirements, are all the requirements that you are responsible for, like submitting the application, filling out FAFSA and requesting letters of recommendation. 

To learn more about tracking these requirements, go to Understanding Statuses



High School Requirements are requirements that your counselor will submit on your behalf to that college, like transcripts and letters of recommendation. For schools that you're not applying to on Common App, they will send the materials through SchooLinks. 

To learn more about tracking these requirements, go to Understanding Statuses



What happens after I apply to a college? 

Once you hear back from a college with your application result, you can indicate what your application result was



If you got accepted to that college, you can also indicate if you plan on enrolling in that college, deferring your enrollment, or not enrolling at all.

Remember, you can only indicate that you're enrolling in one college, and inputting your enrollment decision on SchooLinks does not let that college know what your enrollment decision is. 



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