Why can't counselors go through the student Onboarding process?

Updated 3 months ago by Sarah Welbes

When students first log in to SchooLinks, they will go through a process called Onboarding.

SchooLinks created Onboarding as a guided experience for students when they first login so that they are clear on the first set of activities they need to do.

Why can't counselors go through the Onboarding process?

  • Onboarding only happens one time; once a student goes through Onboarding, they never have to go through the process again!
  • Onboarding involves taking a career interest inventory assessment that matches students with potential careers and college majors; counselors don't need to find out what careers or college majors they should pursue!
  • SchooLinks made the Onboarding process a very simple, step-by-step process; students will be able to go through the process with little to no instruction from counselors!

SchooLinks recommends:

  • Do Onboarding with a small group of students first, so counselors can know exactly what the process involves.
  • Reach out to your District POC for the Onboarding lesson plan that SchooLinks created specifically for counselors
  • Don't be scared on Onboarding! It's a very simple, one time, easy-peasy process 😊

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