Tracking Submissions

  • In this article, we will show counselors and registrars how to track students' submitted applications

What is tracking submissions? 

Students will use Application & Transcript Manager to keep track of their college applications. Then you'll be able to see what materials students need to submit and if they've submitted them. 


How do I access Application Manager? 

To access Application Manager, hover over the Schools icon. 

Then click Application Manager



How do I see upcoming deadlines? 

The timeline on the Track Submissions page will show you when your students have applications due

The higher the bar on the timeline, the more applications are due on that day. 



If you want to see applications that have deadlines this week, click the Deadlines This Week filter. 



Then you'll see a list of students who have application deadlines this week,

There is also blue tag with the Deadlines This Week filter and if you want to turn the filter off click the X.



How do I sort applications?

You can sort by any of the columns on your student list. 

Click on the name of the column you want to change the order for.



Now you'll see the order of students has changed based off of the column.



How do I see all the applications for one student? 

Click on the name of a student to see their tracked applications. 



Then you'll be taken to that student's casefile



How do I see the requirements for a specific students' application? 

To see a student's requirements for an application, click on Student Reqs on that college's application card.

A green circle means a student has completed that requirement.

A red circle means a student has not completed that requirement. You can check off a requirement for a student as complete by clicking the box next to the requirement name. 



To see the High School Requirements for an application, click on HS Reqs on that college's application card.

Files that have been uploaded, but not sent will have a gray circle next to them. 

Files that have not been uploaded will have a red circle next to them.  

Files that have been uploaded and sent will have a green circle next to them.  



How do I message a student about their applications? 

Click on the box next to a student's name. 

Then click the Envelope icon.



Type your message for the student.

Then click Send Message


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