Tracking Common App Colleges

  • In this article, we will show students how to track applications for Common App colleges on SchooLinks. 

What is tracking Common App colleges?

For colleges that you're applying to through the Common App, you will send your documents and letters of recommendation through Common App, but you should still track your application requirements on SchooLinks. 

This means you'll setup your applications and their requirements on SchooLinks, but you will apply on Common App and your counselor will submit documents on Common App. 

Once you fill out your Common App application, you should update the status on SchooLinks manually to stay organized. You'll also help your counselor track all applications in one place.

NOTE: You must add colleges to your Final List for them to be on your application list. To learn more about adding colleges to you Final List, go to Building the Final List.

1. Accessing Application Manager

To setup your applications, hover over the School icon and click Application Manager

2. Setting Up the Application

Find the college you added and click the blue Track Application button.


Select your interest level. 

Then click the green Next button. 


Select the application type. 

Verified options will have the deadline filled in.

For Unverified options you'll have to find the application deadline on the college's website and enter it here.

Then click the green Next button. 

If you selected a Verified Option then the deadline will be filled in. If you need to change the deadline, contact your counselor.

If you selected an Unverfied option, you will enter the deadline yourself.

Then click the green Next button. 


Select Common App.

Then click the green Next button. 


Type in the application fee.

Then click the green Next button. 


Select whether you will use an application fee waiver.

Then click the green Next button. 


Select if you plan on applying for financial aid. If so, type the materials and documents required at that college.

Then click the green Next button. 


Select any additional application requirements that you CANNOT send on Common App. Type the exact requirements. 

Then click the green Next button. 


Now you'll be able to track your application requirements for that school. To learn more about tracking your application requirements, go to Understanding Statuses.

You'll see the CA next to the college name for your Common App schools.

There may not be any high school (HS) requirements because all of you requirements will most likely need to be completed by your counselor on Common App. 



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