Overview of Course Catalog Configuration Setup for district admins

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  • In this article, we will show the course catalog master how to fill out the district config setup.

What is district config setup?

In order for SchooLinks to start loading your courses, you need to configure how course planning should be setup on SchooLinks for your district.

Please contact SchooLinks directly if you do not understand how to setup your district config for course planner.

1. Accessing Course Catalog Configuration Setup

From the dashboard, hover over the key icon and click Course Catalog.

2. Setting up Course Catalog Configuration

There are 9 steps to setting up your district's course catalog configuration

  1. Plan grades - here you will indicate which grades students should be planning for
  2. Academic Terms - here you will indicate how many academic terms are in one academic year at your district
    1. You will also give the terms a full name and a short name (ex. Fall Semester and F)
  3. Course Plan Deadlines - here you will indicate your district's course plan deadlines.
    1. Student Deadline is the deadline that all students in the district need to complete course planning by.
    2. SIS Transmission Date is the date that you want to send all the course requests from SchooLinks to your SIS. This means that all course plans must be approved by students and counselors on SchooLinks before this date.
  4. Exceed Credit Limits - here you will indicate if students should be able to exceed credit limits or not
    1. For example, if students can plan for more than the required 26 credits needed for graduation, indicate Yes
  5. Middle School Credits - here you will indicate if high school credits taken in middle school count toward graduation requirements and course placement or just course placement.
    1. For example, if a student takes Biology 1 in 8th grade, would they have one credit of science when they start high school? If yes, select Credit Placement and Graduation Requirements. If the student won't receive credit, but will be eligible to take Biology 2, select Credit Placement Only.
  6. Upload Course Catalog - here you can upload a PDF version of your course catalog
  7. Planning Order - here you will indicate if students should be forward planning or backwards planning
  8. Alternate Courses - here you will indicate if students are able to choose alternate courses or not
    If you have popular courses at your district that not every student will get into, SchooLinks recommends allowing them to choose alternate courses.
  9. Specify Academic Term - here is where you will indicate if students can specify the academic term they can plan for a certain course
    1. For example, if students can take Art 1 in Fall and Spring semester, but you do NOT want them to be able to choose which semester, indicate No here

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