How to fulfill a letter of recommendation request if you have a SchooLinks account (uploading a letter of recommendation)

  • In this article, we will show counselors and other staff members with SchooLinks accounts how to upload letters of recommendation

What is fulfilling letter of recommendation requests? 

Counselors and Teachers can accept or deny letter of recommendation requests, upload letters of rec and send those letters along with their application materials, either electronically or via mail. 

Letter of Recommendation Fulfillment will allow you to see all your letter of rec requests at once. 

If a student is applying to a college on Common App, you will submit their letter of rec on Common App. 


1. Accessing Letter of Recommendation Fulfillment

To access letters of recomendation, hover over the School icon and click Letter of Recommendation Fulfillment. 

2. Accept Request

Students' requests staff members have yet to accept will be labeled in red as Pending.  

If a student has not waived their FERPA rights, there will be a red tag next to that student's name.  

To accept a student's letter of rec request, hover over the card with the student's name and click the green Accept Request button. 


3. Upload Letter of Rec

Once you've accepted a letter of rec request, you can upload a letter of rec for that student. 

Click the Upload PDF button. 



Then select the PDF you'd like to upload. 

Letters of Recommendation MUST be uploaded as PDFs.

If the PDF is correct, click the Close button. 




 TIP: Click the student's name to see their portfolio to help you write your letter of recommendation.

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