Bulk Uploading Files

  • In this article, we will show counselors how to bulk upload files for students in their caseload. 

What is bulk uploading? 

From your counselor dashboard, you can upload files to send to all the students in your caseload or groups of students in your caseload. 

If you want to upload files for one specific student, go to Uploading Files in Student Casefile.


1. Select Students 

If you want to upload files for all the students in your caseload, click the gray box to Select All Students. 

Then a white checkmark will appear next to the names of all the students in your caseload.

If you want to select a smaller group of students, click the checkbox next to their name on your dashboard.

2. Upload File

After you've selected the students you want to upload a file for, click the upload file icon in the top right hand corner. 

Then select a file to upload and click Open. 

Type a name for the file you're uploading. 

Click Add Document. 

Then you'll see a message telling you the document has been uploaded to the Document Centers of the students you selected. You can access a student's Document Center through their casefile. 

To learn more about student casefiles, go to Overview of Student Casefile.

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