How to explore and download reports from Analytics Center as a counselor

  • In this article, we will show counselors how to explore and download reports from Analytics Center
These reports are about platform usage from the student body at your district. These reports should be used to understand and explore contextualized data on usage of SchooLinks.

1. Accessing Analytics Center

From the dashboard, hover over the Graph Icon on the navigation bar on the left and select Analytics from the dropdown menu

2. Exploring reports in Analytics Center

There are multiple pages of Analytics Center (ex. Overall Usage, Cluster by Assessment, etc.).

Each page has different graphs counselors can explore and each graph is interactive.

Don't be afraid to click around on Analytics Center to explore more about the students in your caseload!

3. Downloading reports from Analytics Center

From the graph you wish to download a report for, click the 3 dots above the graph

Then click Export Data. The report will be downloaded to your computer as a CSV.

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