What kind of indicator should I make?

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  • In this article, we will help district administrators decide what type of indicator they should make
  • To learn what an indicator is, go here

On SchooLinks there are two types of indicators - School Staff and SchooLinks.

When to create a School Staff Indicator?

  • You want staff members to report offline activity so it can be tracked on SchooLinks.
    • Ex: Have students created strategies to finance college costs?
    • To learn how staff members complete indicators, go here

There are two types on School Staff Indicators

  1. Yes/No Indicator - Counselors will indicate if a student has (yes) or has not (no) completed an activity
    1. Ex: Yes - this student has opted in to our summer melt program
  2. Count Indicator - Counselors will indicate a certain number of actions that have taken place
    1. Ex: The student has had detention more than 5 times this semester

When to create a SchooLinks Indicator?

  • When you want to see students' completion of an activity on SchooLinks.
    • Ex: How many students have or have not completed the Find Your Path assessment? OR
    • Ex: How many students have viewed at least 5 college profiles?

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