How to retake Would You Rather (career interest inventory assessment)

  • In this article, we will show students how to retake Would You Rather
  • Would You Rather is a supplemental career interest inventory assessment

1. Accessing Would You Rather

To access Would You Rather, hover over the checkmark icon on the navigation side bar on the left and select Assessments from the dropdown menu.

2. Retaking Would You Rather

Click Start Assessment under Would you Rather. 

Student should choose which of the two activities they would rather do by clicking the green checkmark under the activity they would rather do.

3. WYR Results

Students will be matched with 4 career clusters, ranked 1 to 4 based on the activities they chose.

Students will also be matched with Holland personality types.

To see past results, click View Past Results. Students will see see a line graph that shows their matched career clusters over time. 

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