How to edit a student's final list as a counselor

  • In this article, we will show counselors how they can edit a students' final list

Why would a counselor want to balance a student's final list?

When student's build their final list, colleges students are planning on applying to are broken down into Likely, Target and Reach schools. SchooLinks has given counselors the ability to edit student's final lists because counselors know, for example, what colleges are Reach schools for a student.


1. Accessing Student Casefile

From the dashboard, click the Go to Casefile button next to a student's name.

2. Accessing a Student's Final List

Click Schools. The student's Final List will be at the top of the Schools tab in the student's casefile.

3. Edit Final List

There are 3 ways counselors can edit a student's final list

  1. Remove Schools - use this to remove schools from a final list
  2. Add Schools - use this to add schools to a final list
  3. Reassign Schools - use this when you want to move a school to a different category (Likely, Target or Reach)

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