How to View a Student's Information in a Casefile for Counselors

  • In this article, we will explain to counselors the different parts of a Student's Casefile.

1. Accessing a Student Casefile

To access a student's casefile from the counselor dashboard click the Go to Casefile button located to the right of the student's name.

2. What is a Student Casefile?

A Casefile is the hub where all of a student's documents and progress will be stored.

  • Counselors can see a student's progress on their learning plan, their school wishlists, their graduation plan, and more.
  • The student information box on the left will show counselors information—like the last time the student logged in, their school, and their progress on doing and learning plan tasks.
Counselors can also message a student, log a meeting and write a note from this sidebar. To learn how to message a student, go to Sending a Message from Student Casefile.

  1. What is in the Goals section?

In the Goals section, counselors can view a student's post-secondary goals and their SMART goals.

  1. What is the Notes section?

In the Notes section, counselors can write, edit, and delete notes on a student. Counselors can also log meetings they've had with that student in this section.

  1. What is the Docs section?

The Docs section shows all the documents that either a student or counselor has uploaded for that student.

  1. What is the Course Plan section?

The Course Plan section will show a student's current course plans once they have been created.

  1. What is the Progress section?

The Task section shows a student's progress on their Learning Plan tasks. The To Do List will feature any Doing tasks that counselors have assigned to a student, and their progress on those tasks.

  1. What is in the Surveys section?

In the Surveys section, counselors will see a student's Learning Tasks and To Do Tasks.

  1. What is in the Assessments sections?

In the Assessments section, counselors will see a student's Find Your Path, Focus and Would You Rather assessment results.

  1. What is in the Schools section?

In the Schools section, counselors can view and edit a student's Final List. Counselors can also view a student's wishlists and the colleges they've favorited as well as counselor and guardian lists.

  1. What is in the Apps section?

In the Apps section, counselors can see all applications a student is tracking, as well as where they are at in their submission processes and their application results

  1. What is in the Plans section?

In the Plans section, counselors can see the status of a student's individualized learning plan as well as make edits and approve the plan.

  1. What is in the Tests section?

In the Tests section, counselors can see the student's SAT, ACT and AP test scores. Counselors can also see how those scores fall within the range of the student's favorite colleges and colleges on their Final List.

  1. What is in the Volunteers section?

In the Volunteers section, counselors will see how many volunteer hours the student has remaining, how many volunteer hours they have accepted for the student, and how many hours the student has requested.

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