What are indicators?

Updated 3 months ago by Kaly Nasiff

What is an indicator?

An indicator is an accountability report that shows how many students or staff members have or have not completed an activity.

For example, an indicator can show you how many students have completed the Find Your Path survey. An indicator can also show you how many students have not opted into your district's summer melt program.

Why would I want to create an indicator?

Indicators show you specific usage of SchooLinks, which you can track at the district, school, grade and caseload levels. You can create them to track students' progress or to encourage staff to complete certain activities with students.

Indicators can also be used to track processes that aren't on SchooLinks, for example, counselors can track which of their students participated in a college info session. All you need to do is create an indicator, and have staff check off if a student attended or not. Then your indicator analytics will show both activities completed on SchooLinks and those completed off-line.

To learn about the types indicators you can create, go here.

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